The Business Attire


It's been a while...


It feels like this year went by so fast, just a little week ago we celebrated Eid (the ending of the holy month of Ramadan) and I can't even believe that my first year of university is already over - just two more years left! I returned home to my parents place back in June and left the big city life of Copenhagen behind me. Even though I love big cities, there's just something so special about a nice and quiet place. Besides that, nothing beats being home with the family. During Ramadan the blog stayed a little bit quiet because there was always something to do and this year - blogging was unfortunately not part of it. However, Ramadan is over and I'm back again with another outfit post.

This time I really wanted to put an outfit together that was more on the business-y side. I consider my style to be very girly, but  I decided to go for something more serious. This outfit is perfect for outings, work and everyday wear. It doesn't have any specific category as it isn't overdressed, but certainly not underdressed. I usually don't wear loose pants (because I'm short), but absolutely love them - especially when my roommate wears them, she looks so stylish.

Outfit details:

  • Shirt with bow - Primark
  • Vest - Primark
  • Loose pants - H&M
  • Bag - Michael Kors from this post
  • Wedges - B&CO
  • Hijab - Kuwait
  • Bracelet - from a gold store in Copenhagen (It's Van Cleef & Arpels inspired)
  • Ring - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Simple & Chic H&M Dress


I often find myself going towards H&M whenever there's nothing else at other stores. It's like a safe bet and the best part is that the clothes/accessories aren't that expensive. My wardrobe is mostly composed of regular length shirts, so when I came across this beige, interesting patterned, long dress/shirt I had to get it. It's very spring/summery and looks very modest. I like to pair it with a belt, just so the it doesn't sit super loose. The wedges that I'm wearing are my favorite and I've had them since my high school graduation - they were a present from me to (well you probably guessed it) me! I was so happy to finally finish high school that I wanted to treat myself to a pair of Hilfiger wedges.

I paired the shirt with skinny jeans, a belt and my favorite beige hijab. To avoid this outfit looking too beige I added a color blocked clutch, one side beige and one side orange. It gives the outfit a nice pop of color and the zipper has a nice fringe to it.


Hope you liked this post, I would love to hear your opinion, so feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below. You can also find me on Instagram! My name is Zeinab_COF.

All About That Trenchcoat


It wasn't until very recently that I finally bought myself a new trenchcoat. I've been wanting one for such a long time and seeing the weather getting better and better by each day I thought to myself that the old winter coat won't do anymore. I really like trenchcoats and the way they can make any look chic and sophisticated.  One day, my roommate and I went to the mall near us and as we casually walked into Vero Moda we decided that it was time to look for a trenchcoat. I tried a couple on and was originally going for the classic beige color, but as I tried the black on (the one I'm wearing on the pictures) my friend and I were convinced that it had to be this color. Even though the weather has been getting better, it's still a bit chilly, but that's the life in Denmark. Hopefully, it'll get warmer soon.

I wore the trenchcoat when I went out with my friends. I've been so buried in exams and was super stressed, but one day wasn't going to hurt. It was Friday and my roommate and I definitely needed to go out, so decided to meet up with a friend in Copenhagen, went around and had fun. The outfit that I'm wearing is a floral shirt from New Look that I bought when my mom and I went to London - with it I paired some really comfy jeans and some cute open shoes, which I also got from Primark in London. I wanted some color with my outfit, which is why I put on a beige scarf to bring out the beige/sandy colors from the shirt and my Tommy Hilfiger bag, which I bought last year. I usually go for a crossbody bag, which is small but this time I wanted to try something a little bit different. I used to carry bigger bags a lot, but now I mostly just carry them when I have classes at uni. Finally, to make the outfit a little bit fun I put on the sunglasses from Accessorize.


My makeup is very simple because I don't like wearing too much. My routine mostly consists of very light foundation, concealer, some bronzer and a little bit mascara. It wasn't until recently that I started filling in my eyebrows - I have tiny gaps towards the end of my brows and they've been bothering me for such a long time. I've considered eyebrow extensions, but haven't really found a clinic yet even though there are a lot of options here in Copenhagen. To finish my look I like to put on a very light pink balm by Revlon on. I bought a pack of three when I returned from Italy and have been using them since. They're really good and moisturizing - especially if you have dry lips (like me..)

What I'm wearing:

  • Trenchcoat - Vero Moda
  • Jeans - Pieces
  • Shoes - Primark
  • Sunglasses - Accessorize
  • Scarf - market from Kuwait
  • Shirt - New Look
  • Bag - Tommy Hilfiger

What do you think about trenchcoats?